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Aroma Plus 天然花露水


Refreshing  清新怡人

Bugs away  驅蚊、蠓、蚤、蟎

Relieve itching & swelling  止痕消腫

Ease motion sickness  止暈浪

For home & travel  居家旅遊常備


①天然精油 :

  • 香茅精油 (Citronella oil)
  • 檸檬草精油 (Lemongrass oil)
  • 尤加利精油 (Eucalyptus oil)
  • 薰衣草精油 (Lavender oil)
  • 茶樹精油 (Tea tree oil)
  • 薄荷精油 (Peppermint oil)
  • 廣藿香精油 (Patchouli oil)
  • 佛手柑葉精油 (Petitgrain bergamot leaf oil)




Handmade by Natural Elements 一心優品

Aroma Plus 天然花露水 (10ml)

  • Shake before use 使用前先搖勻 | Keep in a cool and dry place 放陰涼乾爽處 | Do not spray on face 不要噴洒在面上 | Keep away from fire and heat 遠離火源和熱源 | Use with caution for people with allergies, G6PD, epilepsy, children, pregnant women, and people with long-term illnesses, etc. 易敏感、蠶豆症、癲癇症、幼兒、孕婦、長期病患人士等慎用 | Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs 若出現過敏反應,請即停止使用